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If you are someone who closely follows the latest fashion trends, you are probably aware of the fact that hippie clothing is back. What was once thought long gone and forgotten has made a return, and we can easily see plenty of men and women, both young and old, rocking baggy pants, long wigs, vests, and all kinds of other hippie accessories?

In general, Hippie Pants is an offshoot of boho clothing. This style of clothing originated in the late 1950’s, and it spread like a wildfire among the youth, during the 1960’s and 1970’s. What’s interesting about hippie clothing is that many of the teenagers during that period were not influenced by any other fashion statement of the time. Instead, they only chose to find their style, which eventually led to the development of the well-known hippie style.

A statement of individuality

22mnkjnjThe hippie style of clothing is all about individuality and giving a person complete freedom when it comes to interpreting what hippie style is. Overall, this type of clothing is quite similar to street clothing. Therefore, if you have a closet full of all kinds of vintage streetwear, for example, you will have no problems coming up with your own, personal hippie style. Also, if you are someone who delights in new and unusual clothing combinations, you will surely relish in dressing like a hippie.

Simple and cheap

With all this in mind, it is no wonder why hippie clothing has become popular once again. Not only is it very easy and simple to dress like a hippie, but it is also extremely cheap too. As opposed to some high fashion pieces of clothing, hippie clothing can be found pretty much anywhere. Whether you visit a general clothing store or a specialized hippie clothing store, you can be sure you will leave that store with a plethora of pieces of clothing and accessories, while spending a very small amount of money.

Famous designers make them too

It is also not a secret that plenty of famous world designers and brands have started making their specific lines of hippie, or boho clothing, which is great for those who are capable or are not willing to spend lots of money on clothes. Even the most luxurious and high-class clothing designers, such as Gucci or Chanel, have started designing their lines of hippie clothing. Therefore, if you want to dress like a hippie, but still retain the luxury and class of high-end clothing, you could easily do that. Additionally, there are also plenty of replicas out there, which are not of the same quality as the original clothing pieces, but are nevertheless a great alternative if you are looking to spend as little money as possible.

Dressing like a hippie

33bkdhfjkhjkTo dress like a true hippie of the 60’s and the 70’s, you should look after the following pieces of clothing and accessories:

  • Vests for males
  • Loads of bangles for females
  • Loose, baggy pants, also known as Hippie pants
  • Colorful shirts with various floral designs
  • Long Wigs
  • Colorful sunglasses
  • The Peace symbol

These are just some of the most popular and commonly seen hippie clothing pieces and accessories you can see these days. There are also plenty of others, so don’t hesitate to mix and match them, to come up with your own, unique hippie style.


The garment that begun as apparel for athletes has now quickly become commercialized and now is a modern casual wear and has become an even more popular sportswear. Although sweatshirts and hoodies are an all-weather garment, they are mostly popular in the cold weather season. Click source to know more. Here are some tips to choosing the perfect sweatshirt or hoodies for various occasions.

A Guide To Choosing The Ideal Hoodies And Sweatshirts


The choice of fabric is important regardless of whether the apparel is for the cold season or an all -weather casual wear. If the apparel is for the cold season, it is correct to choose a fabric that will absorb warmth and repels moisture. Some of the best choices here are cotton and wool blended materials.

Where purchasing a sweatshirt or a hoodie as sportswear, nylon material is arguably a good choice because it is robust and durable. Notably, it imitates the softness of silk material but remains strong. The golden tip is not to choose material for sportswear that is rough because it will cause irritation when the body is in movement.

Ease Of Cleaning

Most sweatshirts and hoodies are easily washed manually and will not require any ironing. If however, you wish to clean with the machine, ensure that the fabric is safe to be washed in the machine. Most manufacturers will provide the cleaning guide on the apparel label so be sure to check it out.


Traditionally, hoodies and sweatshirts were large oversized garments that looked bulky when worn. Although even at present times the outfits are designed large, they should fit one’s body shape. This does not imply that the garments should be tight; rather, it should loosely fit the wearer.

The starting point to understanding your correct sweatshirt and hoodie size is to determine your body shape. If you have a pear-shaped body, for instance, the ideal garment size is one that has a wide neckline. On the other hand, the rectangle body shape chooses an apparel with a narrow waist so to complement the body’s curves.


Unlike in the palkskdkkddkdkddkst, currently, hoodies and sweatshirts are style diverse. With the hoodies, for instance, manufacturers offer the choice of either a pullover or one with a front closure. The front closure may be by a full zipped; half zipped or buttoned.

Hoodies will also come with drawstrings. The drawstrings come in various colors, and this might be a good opportunity to choose a garment with that drawstring color your wardrobe has been missing. If purchasing a hoodie for your kid, it is safer to get one with a drawstring and pull over style.

Finally, when you do go window shopping for hoodies and sweatshirts either at the malls or online, you may notice that several garments have a particular logo or writings. If you are the shy type, then avoid sweatshirts and hoodies with such design. If you, however, wish to make a fashion statement with your hoodie or sweatshirt, do not hesitate to pick one with embedded flattering statements.


If you want to be on top of fashion, knowing what is trendy at what time, you cannot spend all day in the house. To be trendy, you have to be on the look for the latest dress code, hairstyle, and shoes in the market. There are those joints that will never fail you when it comes to fashion.

Places to visit

Celebrate fashion week

fffghjksadfOther than the world known fashion cities that are New York, Paris, London, and Milan, am certain that every city has its fashion week. Your local area can be a great source of fashion style and inspiration. Go online and confirm the date set for the big affair. Tag along a friend who is passionate about fashion just as you and get style inspiration. You will be amazed by the great fashion work designers display on the runway.

Be a mall rat

If you feel like the fashion show date is way far, another area to see fashion is in your local mall. Most malls have shops that sell what is trending. They sell the latest hottest cloth brands worn by celebrities and models. The owner of the clothing brand uses stars as fashion inspiration once they wear them. You will get tips to help you keep trendy all through.

Love media

Television, print, and film are great sources of fashion inspiration. Posh magazines is another point you will never miss hot new and latest fashion. With magazines, it becomes a bit easy because you can cut out the favorite outfit, stick it on your wall and get the same look from your closet. You will also get to see what celebrities are rocking from films and TV

Embrace the online fashion frenzy

It is true that through technology, we can have all we need through the touch of a figure. You are only required to browse, research and pin picture of what you love. You will be carrying all trendy stuff with you and at a glance be as fashionable as them. Subscribing to fashion websites for daily updates is another option.

Go out and scout

dfcgvhxcbncvbHit a concert or the bar with your friends. As you have fun, take time to observe. Fashion style inspiration can come from the people surrounding you. The rule goes that if it is trendy enough, 90% of individuals around you will be wearing it. Spot fashionista in the place and take notes of tips and trends.