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T-shirt designs take into account latest celebrity fashion trends, current trending events, and weather conditions. The right t-shirt design puts into consideration the nature of the neck, hem, hem gusset, yoke, color and slogans of the t-shirt. The most popular mens t shirts are those that combine these factors in the appropriate ratios.

Trend in designing men’s t-shirts

Designers of popular t-shirts can be inspired by current trends. Such trends may include news that has pervaded a large segment of a population. For example, if a popular player is drafted into a popular team, fans will expect t-shirts printed with the player’s picture, name or number to be in the market. The t-shirt must also be of the right color. Designers respond to the expectation by creating the right t-shirt.

Mass actions, especially those that involve men also determinesweqeqeqweqe the design of popular men’s t-shirts. The mass action brings men together in a fight for a common course. The men show solidarity with each other and with their common course by adorning similar t-shirts. For examples, mass action against feminists is a movement that unites a good number of men. These men identify themselves by, among others, their t-shirts. Another example of a mass action is a crusade against prostate cancer.

Men like being associated with important or popular people. This is another reasoning that has lead to the creation of several kinds of popular men’s t-shirt designs. Celebrities, especially rap artists are a good example of the kind of popular people men like to be associated with. Rap artists like Eminem, 50 Cent, and DMX have had their names and pictures printed on t-shirts many times over. Reggae artists like Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, and Glen Washington have also enjoyed a share of their fame on men’s t-shirts.

Weather and its influenewrwrwrwrce on men’s t-shirts

Weather also influences the design of men’s t-shirt. Clothes that are used to make the t-shirts have different densities. Heavy make t-shirts that are best used during the cold season. Warmer seasons require lighter material. The influence of weather on material for a t-shirt is best seen in places with clear-cut seasonal changes. Tropical countries, especially those in Africa, have a smooth transition to the weather any may clear demonstrate how the density of materials affects the design of popular t-shirts.

Other than the material for t-shirts, weather also influences the design of neck, sleeves, and hem of popular men t-shirt designs. Warmer weather calls for the crew neck, long neckline shirts with shorter sleeves. Long-sleeved t-shirts are more popular in cold weather.