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There are different types of shades that you might want to wear. Women wear different foundation shades on different days and occasions. This is usually determined by various factors like the occasion and the type of skin. This article gives an insight into the best foundation makeup to select;

Intensity of your skin

skin intensityFirstly, consider your skin color because this is what will determine the perfect foundation shade for you. The skin intensity refers to how deep or lights your skin is. It can be light, medium or deep. If you are not sure of your skin intensity, you can try comparing it to the color of the makeup artists, models, or celebrity. You can also use the internet to do a quick search to determine your skin intensity.

Skin undertone

The skin undertone is another factor you should look at when selecting the perfect foundation shade. You can have a look at your bare skin and evaluate how yellow-toned or pink-toned it is. If you have a warm undertone, then it is likely that you will go for the golden-toned. If your skin undertone is a combination of the two, then you can use the neutral one.

Tan color vs. true color

Another factor to evaluate is your true color and compare it with the tan color. Nowadays, people tend to prefer other skin pigmentation which makes them make use of the skin lightening creams. Since we have beauties who regularly self-tan themselves, they must put this into considerations when selecting the perfect foundation shade. Since your skin is likely to be different when compared to various parts of your face, you might be required to decide on which foundation shade to select.

Consult the experts

If you are completely green on this subject matter, then it is advisable that you consult the experts. When you visit a beauty shop, there is usually a makeup counter where you can talk to the experts on the ideal foundation shade based on your skin tone.


testing Before purchasing the ideal foundation shade, it is always advisable that you test it so that you determine whether it is the right one for you or not. Make sure you check it on your face and not the hand. Test at least three swatches and determine the one that is the best for you. As you test, you should be careful since the foundation shade should not show on your skin. This is critical since you want your complexion to stand out. Watch the video below for the best tips when selecting the right foundation shade;