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If you do not have adequate time for skin care, it is advisable to learn some basic methods to do the same. With skin care tips and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to delay your aging process and prevent various skin issues. Ensure you get quality skin services that are worth the value of your money. The following are some tips that can help you:

Skin care tips

Protection from harmful sun rays

Extended exposure to the sun can result in several skin problems like wrinkles, cancer, and age spots. It is advisable to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. The following are tips to help you:tg2w3edfc7jw8edik2

Wear protective outfits

Sometimes you may need to cover the skin with a long-sleeved shirt, which is tightly woven. Other than, you may need to put on wide-brimmed hats. Also, you may try laundry additives that give you extra protection from UV rays.

Use sunscreen

It is advisable to put on broad-spectrum sunscreen. Ensure you apply it correctly. It is advisable to reapply it on a regular basis.

Rest in a shade

It is not advisable to sit in the sun from 11 am to 2 pm. This is because, at this time, the sun’s rays are quite strong and can cause serious damage to your skin.

Do not smoke

Smoking gives a person wrinkles. This makes you appear old. Moreover, smoking narrows blood vessels of the skin and thereby reducing blood flow. Thus, your skin will not get adequate oxygen and nutrients. If you are a smoker, you are advised to quit this habit, particularly if you want to take care of the skin. Ask your doctor for helpful tips to overcome this habit.

Treat the skin softly

Daily cleansing and shaving can have an adverse impact on the skin. Therefore, you need to limit your shower time and avoid strong soaps. Ensure you shave carefully and moisturize your skin.

Healthy diet

tg2w3edfc6hwe7di2Always stick to healthy diets so as to look your best. Add fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains to your diet. Recent studies have shown that if you eat a diet that is rich in vitamin C and iron, you will have healthy skin. Ensure that your diet is low in unhealthy and processed fats.

Manage stress

If you are under stress, you are likely to develop a sensitive skin. Over time, you will suffer from different skin issues such as acne breakouts. To promote healthy skin, you need to manage your stress levels. Have a to-do list and carry out your works as planned.


T-shirt designs take into account latest celebrity fashion trends, current trending events, and weather conditions. The right t-shirt design puts into consideration the nature of the neck, hem, hem gusset, yoke, color and slogans of the t-shirt. The most popular mens t shirts are those that combine these factors in the appropriate ratios.

Trend in designing men’s t-shirts

Designers of popular t-shirts can be inspired by current trends. Such trends may include news that has pervaded a large segment of a population. For example, if a popular player is drafted into a popular team, fans will expect t-shirts printed with the player’s picture, name or number to be in the market. The t-shirt must also be of the right color. Designers respond to the expectation by creating the right t-shirt.

Mass actions, especially those that involve men also determinesweqeqeqweqe the design of popular men’s t-shirts. The mass action brings men together in a fight for a common course. The men show solidarity with each other and with their common course by adorning similar t-shirts. For examples, mass action against feminists is a movement that unites a good number of men. These men identify themselves by, among others, their t-shirts. Another example of a mass action is a crusade against prostate cancer.

Men like being associated with important or popular people. This is another reasoning that has lead to the creation of several kinds of popular men’s t-shirt designs. Celebrities, especially rap artists are a good example of the kind of popular people men like to be associated with. Rap artists like Eminem, 50 Cent, and DMX have had their names and pictures printed on t-shirts many times over. Reggae artists like Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, and Glen Washington have also enjoyed a share of their fame on men’s t-shirts.

Weather and its influenewrwrwrwrce on men’s t-shirts

Weather also influences the design of men’s t-shirt. Clothes that are used to make the t-shirts have different densities. Heavy make t-shirts that are best used during the cold season. Warmer seasons require lighter material. The influence of weather on material for a t-shirt is best seen in places with clear-cut seasonal changes. Tropical countries, especially those in Africa, have a smooth transition to the weather any may clear demonstrate how the density of materials affects the design of popular t-shirts.

Other than the material for t-shirts, weather also influences the design of neck, sleeves, and hem of popular men t-shirt designs. Warmer weather calls for the crew neck, long neckline shirts with shorter sleeves. Long-sleeved t-shirts are more popular in cold weather.